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Dental Heroes

“Saving the day, one tooth at a time”

Our heroes are here to educate and support all our younger friends of the practice to know the rights and wrongs when it comes to teeth and oral health. They are here to facilitate good dental routine. It is common knowledge that good habits, learned while you are still young, are much easier than when you’re older. So here we go!

Doc McClean

• Armed with a toothbrush in each hand, Doc McClean is here to save the day one tooth at a time and protect children from tooth decay!

• The Doctor prescribes a healthy tooth brushing routine for mommies, daddies, and their bright and cheerful children. The benefits of mindful brushing of all the tooth surfaces from a young age are endless.

• The Doctor instructs all parents to assist and supervise their children's brushing routine up until the age of ten years.

Flying Floss

•    What is that over there? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It’s the Flying Floss, here to take on bad habits and bad dental health.

• No longer will food stay stuck between your teeth, as Flying Floss takes out any unwanted guests between them. Mr. Floss only comes around the moment your teeth touch each other, and as a good neighbour, he is here to help you out of a tight spot!

• Where a toothbrush cannot reach, Mr. Floss swiftly comes in and flicks out the sticky and icky leftovers of that tasty treat, which overstayed their welcome!

Captain Braces

• Attention little patriots!!! The Captain orders all teeth soldiers to stay in-line!

• When the mouth gets crowded and the teeth soldiers are out of range (or too much), the Captain is here to provide order!

• The Captain is a major disciplined soldier who ensures that all naughty and skew teeth follow orders and get back in shape.

• So to make sure you can become a part of the Smile Army, come to Jocor Dental, (the Captain’s base camp)!

• The Captain salutes you.