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Although there is a generalized stigma that going to the dentist is the equivalent of medieval torture, this simply is not the case if you visit our practice. As the wise man George Bernard Shaw once said: “A lack of knowledge creates fear. Seeking knowledge creates courage.” Therefore, it is highly important that your visit is preceded by so-called “emotional preparation”. In order to assist you with said process, what follows is a brief summary by our Dental Superheroes of some of the procedures and services we offer:


Periodontology has its origin from the Latin word peri, which is a prefix meaning “around” or “surrounding”. It constitutes of the following 4 structures:

- Gingiva, better known as your “gums”, are susceptible to extremely common gum diseases like an infection that is mainly caused by prolonged exposure to plaque and food.

- Bone, which lies beneath your gums, can start to break down after as little as 3 weeks of gum disease. This is called bone resorption.

- Ligament -As in sport or an active lifestyle, the PDL (Periodontal Ligament) can be overexposed and traumatized, something that is common among grinders or bruxers.

- Cementum - Covers the dental root surface and serves as binding to the ligament.

Structure loss leads to tooth mobility and may need to be extracted.
Therefore, in order to avoid that unasked gap in your smile, come to Jocor Dental for just a little while.


Restorative procedures restore, repair or enhance existing fillings. Sometimes we even hear the need for a “patch”. It is a common misconception that dentists only “drill and fill”, which is not the case.

Fillings are used on all aspects of dental treatment, including but not limited to root canals, saving baby teeth and of course repairing cavities.


Like the patient, a dentist mourns the dear departing of a tooth that formed part of the body for one’s entire lifetime. However, after sadness comes acceptance, and that is followed by joy and happiness!

True happiness is relief from discomfort when a naughty tooth is successfully extracted.

From small tender baby teeth, to the wisdom teeth causing teenage headaches, and our dear patients who have more life experience, whose teeth simply cannot stay in their mouths any longer.

Cleaning teeth

We maintain pearly whites or enhance your beautiful smile.
With high speed, pulsating polishing and ultrasonic scaling, we remove external discoloring of microscopic porous on the enamel. This is caused by all the nice things in life such as curry, coffee and the occasional glass of red wine…the list goes on!

After a long time, plaque contract calcium in such a way that it becomes calculus. At Jocor Dental we remove this build up with an ultrasonic scaler, not the kind of effect a normal toothbrush can provide.


Dental braces are our passion!

You would think it’s only for aesthetic purposes but in fact has a major effect on the overall advantages that spread out of a balanced occlusion (bite) on the joints, grinding habits and tooth wear.

Our aim is that proverbial perfect puzzle fit of teeth fitting into opposing dentition, after months of hard-earned patient cooperation.


After years of technological progress and innovative thoughts, patients have various pain free and convenient options to replace missing teeth.

However, we deem it important to inform you that comfort is directly linked to your wallet. Simply put, the more comfortable the replacement, the more expensive it will be. From fixed options like implants, bridges and crowns to removable options like complete or partial dentures. Various options of material types exist like porcelain, metal, acrylic and chrome cobalt. The list does not end there.


Root canal treatment is the removal of the pulp, the “life“ of a tooth consisting of blood vessels, nerves, etc. which serves as nutritional communication back and forth to the rest of the body.

Pain and swelling symptoms relieve follows after filing and irrigating the canals.

Children can also undergo a similar procedure known as a pulpectomy or a pulpotomy.


At Jocor Dental we have state of the art modern radiology equipment, including an ultra-modern PanCeph X-ray machine.

Our services include intra and extra oral imaging. This places the practice right in-line with some of the most technologically advanced practices in South Africa and in particular the greater Bushveld area.

Over and above the aforementioned, our machines give us a broad frame of reference to ensure a definitive diagnosis

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